Fighting Cancer

Patrick McIntosh fought 3 cancers simultaneously. These are the four principles that helped him not only survive cancer, but within seven months of the 'all clear', to walk to the South Pole. We call them 'the Cancer Compass'.

Exercise Matters

Stay Positive

Patrick has always enjoyed being active, and his natural strength and fitness prepared him - physically and mentally - for the challenge of beating cancer. Exercise helped him recover and get over the impact of cancer and surgery - so much so he could walk to the South Pole just seven months after the 'all clear' and in 2019 he will cycle over 7000 miles to Japan.  Exercise matters.
A diagnosis of three cancers at once - which is extremely rare - might have caused Patrick to give up hope, but he held on to his positive attitude and self-belief.  His message, by which he lives, is 'never give up, always fight for the future'. Stay Positive.

Think About Diet

Get Checked

There is plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence that diet
plays a significant part in vulnerability to, and recovery from cancer. Patrick consulted widely and with expert help found the cancer recovery diet that best suited his natural metabolism. Think about diet.
Patrick says he was lucky.
Having given blood all his life, in 2012 the Blood Donation Service identified low iron levels and subsequent tests revealed bowel cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.  Because they were caught relatively early surgery could stop all three. Get tested as soon as there is any indication of cancer.